Our services

- Progesterone testing

- Reverse progesterone


- Female cytology


- Pregnancy ultrasound scanning

- Semen collection and analysis

- Microchipping


Progesterone testing

  Progesterone testing with results in 30 minutes. This will let you know exactly when the female ovulates and allow you to plan mating or insemination to get best possible results. Cost is £30.

Reverse progesterone testing allows you to know when it is 24 hours and 12 hours before whelping. So a breeder knows when it is safe to have cesarean or when to plan for accurate whelping. Cost is £30.


   Female cytology  is another way of checking when a female is ready for mating and has ovulated. Cost is £20 plus travel.
   We do pregnancy ultrasound scanning. Cost £25 plus travel.
   Microchipping £10 per puppy. Plus travel costs

Semen collection and analysis

   This is done at the Male dog's home so no need to travel or the Male can be brought to us for analysis. Cost is £50. Plus travel
With progesterone testing the cost includes blood draw. If the dog comes to us or the blood is sent to us the cost is £30. If we travel to the dog then the cost is £30 plus travel costs


   Chilled semen collection and shipping. Cost is £100 plus the cost of shipping. This includes semen analysis before chilling.


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